Accounting Professional in Vaughan, ON

Sal Palermo CPA, CMA is a Vaughan, ON, certified accountant who can help you keep your finances in cheque. We're prepared to handle all of your accounting needs including complex balance sheets. Our goal is to ensure your company's finances are handled with integrity and accuracy.

We can save you time when your select our accounting firm. Our highly experienced staff knows a certified accountant can provide the attention to detail to help reduce your chances of being audited. If you don't have the patience for the tedious calculations, hire us to:

  • Do your bookkeeping
  • Prepare your financial statements
  • Engage in tax preparation
  • Manage payroll
Not only is Sal Palermo CPA, CMA knowledgeable about our profession, but we're committed to client satisfaction. Use our knowledge to serve as your Vaughan, ON, certified accountant. We'll help you with your internal audit, and we'll help with filing taxes. When you're ready, call our office to schedule a consultation.